Granite Travel Lite: This build had the intention of enjoying every trip to the fullest. The coupled titanium frame can pack into two S&S airline accepted cases [meaning you don’t need to pay extra luggage fees for traveling with your tandem]. Each component was carefully selected for it’s performance and value, making the tandem light, responsive, and fast.


Granite Travel Lite

NH Granite. One bike to replace them all! This tandem was built with the intention to be our perfect all-in-one family adventure tandem. Whether that meant racing, touring, gravel roads or slick tarmac, we wanted a great ride. Wide tire clearance, wide gear range, loads of mounting options for bottles, racks, and fender. This bike won’t turn down an adventure.


Gravel, mud, rocks, hills… it’s ready

NH Granite in kiddie stoker mode. It’s also very adaptable for rider combinations that vary in height. Perfect for the whole family to use or anyone that wants to share the love of tandem riding with other riders regardless of their height. Below are images of the tandem in it’s smallest stoker configuration approx. 3′ 6″ minimum.


NH Granite in “kiddie stoker mode”


El BurroA rugged, gravel tandem designed to bikepack to distant and far away lands. This frame will be outfitted with 3.0″ wide tires, low Q-factor stoker cranks, and custom-made frame bags.

El Burro fully loaded

El Burro outfitted with custom frame bags by Jpak. 


El Burro [CAD rendering]

Time Traveler.  Designed specifically for a Race Across America team member that plans to time trial across the country AND travel with his family afterward. The stoker is an accomplished athlete who also happens to be blind. This specific geometry allows for multiple caption positions, optimized for different types of riding. Just because you plan to time trial across America, doesn’t mean you won’t want to ride the bike for fun after!



Time Traveler Drawing web

Time Traveler [drawing]

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