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Change is inevitable, and for the most part, a good thing. No matter the sport, as time passes technology influences the design of our equipment. Advancements are made in performance and durability. And, even the sport evolves over time. I know many people that remember when mountain bikes were introduced, then front shocks, followed by full-suspension. Each evolutionary step allowing riders to take on more terrain. Form follows function. That’s our philosophy. We strive to push those evolutionary steps forward with tandem design so that you can conquer your own frontier.

Our own frontier wasn’t necessarily gravel, hillclimb, travel and touring, family rides or racing, but all of those things. We wanted to create a tandem that didn’t compromise our diverse interests. We wanted to bring our favorite bike traveling, able to take on mixed-terrain, but not slow us down climbing. We realize not everyone has the exact wishlist as us and that’s why building each bike based on the individual riders’ interests is so important. You get exactly what you need to for your intended riding without the compromises.

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After our daughter’s birth, we could hardly wait to get out cycling with her. We dreamed of the day that we could share the joy of cycling as a family. Once she was sturdy enough, we went from snowy trails with skis, to road with trailer, then to bike seat. Now at the age of 3, we’re quickly realizing how fast kids grow out of gear. It’s hard to believe that one day not too long ago, I thought she’d be in her baby carrier forever. Clearly, that’s not the case.

We’re quickly approaching the point where the trailer and seat are becoming a bit snug and limited. There’s probably another year before she’s really outgrown either, but we know with our tandem we’ll have options.

When we decided to build our tandem this year, riding as a family was a huge consideration for us. We wanted everyone to be able to ride it. David 5′ ll”, Me (Emily) 5′ 3″ and Ada by the time she’s 4 — probably 3′ 6″. It was also important to us, that I be able to captain with Ada. Being able to reconfigure our riding will give us the freedom to ride together in variety of ways. And yes, perhaps one day we’ll build a triplet. But while our little one still fits in a trailer or seat, we’ll pack in as many outings on our Granite tandem as possible.

Here’s how our family has grown with gear (I’ll continue to update as we grow):

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