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gravel bikepacking
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Clearance for wide tires (700c x 41mm; 650b x 51mm or 29 x 3.0″ or 26 x 5.1″ tires), numerous braking options, along with a durable, low q-factor cranks, frame-bag mounting bosses, couplers (if desired) all on a light-weight titanium frame. Granite Tandem Design prepares you for exploring roads less traveled. 

Designed to meet your specific goals and geometry, Granite Tandem Design works hands-on to incorporate the right design elements to help riders reach their full potential. Light-weight and aerodynamic components are mapped out to provide customers with the best value for their investment.

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Strong, durable and adaptable. Rack mounts, braze-ons, and travel couplers are standard features, making it easier to head out on your next big adventure. With all the adaptability, the hardest thing is deciding where to go. Check out our travel blog for inspirations and ideas!

little stokers
kid friendly
Riding as a family usually means being flexible. We believe family tandems should be built to go with the flow. The telescoping seat tube option allows stoker heights of 3-feet to 6-feet, with enough flexibility in the captain’s seat for riders approx. 5-feet to 6-feet plus.


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